In their 1999 bookÿThe Unified Software Development Process, the authors of Unified Modeling Language (UML) noted that any modern object-oriented approach to developing information systems must be use-case driven, architecture-centric, and iterative and incremental.ÿUsing your preferred UML drawing tool, draw your responses visually. Use any shapes you think are appropriate for your diagrams. Draw a diagram depicting the three basic properties of the modern software development processes. Draw another diagram depicting the models produced by these processes.Links to UML drawing tools:draw.ioSNHU Microsoft Imagine Premium: VisioAtomic Learning: Visio Online SupportSpecifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:What is meant by these three basic properties of modern software development processes?What are the three views or models that an architecture-centric process produces? Explain what these views or models describe.

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