14._____ÿpsychoactiveÿÿ15.____ psychedelic 16._____ depressants17. ____ stimulantsa. Drugs that influence a person’s central nervous system, including emotions, thoughts and perceptionsÿb. Drugs that increase central nervous system activity and produce boundless energyc. Drugs that create perceptual distortions, alter mood and affect thinkingÿd. Drugs that inhibit central nervous system activity; produce drowsiness, sedation, or sleep; and may reduce anxiety and lower inhibitions32. ___ decayÿ33. ___ engram ÿ34. ___motivated forgetting 35. ___ cognition ÿa.Christine wanted to put the accident behind her because the memory of the accident is upsetting or threatening is termed.b.After being out of school for many years, Paul did poorly on the math assessment. He forgot how to solve mathematical equations because he had not used the information over a long period of time.c.A physical trace of memory in the brain.d. Erica is using the intellectual process through which information was obtained, stored, transformed, and retrieved so that she can complete the project for her psychology class.

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