(2 Essay writing) Read the Partnership Act of Fiji and provide your views why the Act should be amended. Justify with good reasoningPART A?There are various business entities in Fiji that are operating as partnerships. The Partnership Act of Fiji has not been repealed and replaced by a more modern statute.? As our economy moves towards the modern era of business transactions we may need a more modernized Partnership Act for our future partnership businesses.PART BAlso you are required to outline the steps in detail involved to form a limited liability company. The group has to document every stage of the registration process until the final stage when the company is issued with the incorporation certificate. In this part of the question the group has to show all the forms either manual or online documents required to be filled to form a company in conjunction with the write ? upRequired :Write an essay of 1 page, font size : 12, Times New Roman, Line space : 1.5

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