Hi…Please i need your help in this questionQ#2: Acme Corporation consists of 250 grocery stores throughout the West. At the beginning of 2015 its statement of net worth showed the following information: Common Stock $1,800,000 and retained earnings $500,000. During the year net income equalled $160,000. Management was undecided on what to do with the income. Acme paid a dividend of $0.35 last year and the stock price is currently $14.50. Acme has a 6% growth rate in earnings and dividends, and is in the 40% tax bracket.A. What return on investment would Acme have to earn in order to justify retaining 2015’s earnings? B. What changes would occur in the statement of net worth if a $.25 cash dividend was paid? If a 5% stock dividend was given and no cash dividend was paid? C. What would EPS be before and after the stock dividend?Thanks

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