Question 1The following is NOT a classic example of ethical egoism:a.I enjoy the admiration I receive for my works of charityb.I never go out of my way for anyone; therefore, I do not have any friendsc.I gather as many friends as I can on Facebook to feel important and populard.I always give lavish gifts to loved ones, in part, so I can receive the same in return10 points ÿ Question 2Postmodern philosophy might be most in line with which ethical theory:a.Divine Command Theoryb.Absolutismc.Deontological ethicsd.Ethical relativism10 points ÿ Question 3If I always behave selfishly, and live as though my actions carry no real weight in the world, I might be practicing:a.Utilitarianismb.Nihilismc.Absolutismd.Ethical egoism10 points ÿ Question 4The Director of Excelsior Career Services, Maribeth Gunner Pulliam, discovered that the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2007 found that employers sought analytical skills in an employee. Analytical skills entail all of the following EXCEPT:a.Seeking various perspectivesb.Identifying key issuesc.Rejecting religious beliefsd.Assessing a situation10 points ÿ Question 5Friedrich Nietzsche believed the best way to create meaning in life is to:a.Not study philosophyb.Embrace nihilismc.Practice deontological ethicsd.Transcend the Platonic-Christian tradition10 points ÿ Question 6Michael Foucault might most agree with the philosophy of:a.Immanuel Kantb.Rene Descartesc.John Stuart Milld.Simone de Beauvoir10 points ÿ Question 7Philosopher bell hooks believes that radical, postmodern theory may help to:a.Abolish affirmative actionb.Promote nihilismc.Liberate marginalized groupsd.Elevate deontological ethics10 points ÿ Question 8If an ethical egoist saves the life of a child, with the hopes of earning an honorable reputation and receiving accolades in one?s community, she might also satisfy the ethical criteria of the:a.Virtue ethicistsb.Kantiansc.Utilitariansd.Nihilists10 points ÿ Question 9The postmodern perspective includes all of the following EXCEPT:a.Highlights difference, not unityb.Dismantles meta-narrativesc.Sees the world as imbued with significanced.Maintains that beliefs in the unity of the world is a form of arrogance10 points ÿ Question 10For postmodernists like Michel Foucault, our ?knowledge about the world? can do all EXCEPT:a.Provide optional accounts, rather than accurate onesb.Subjugate people rather than emancipate themc.Provide accurate accounts, rather than optional onesd.Provide us comfort

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