For this assignment you will create a PowerPoint presentation that has the user chasing an object around the screen (indefinitely), until they give up by clicking the end button. Your presentation must contain the following elements:Title SlideContent Slides (as many as necessary)Ending Slide (must contain animation)You can start the PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the first slide which will take you to your first content slide (slide two). ÿOnce on the second slide you will need a couple different elements. The first element will be an “End” ÿbutton which will end the PowerPoint presentation. The second element is the object you’re trying to catch. ÿThe object must move without being clicked. ÿIf you have more than one content slide (which you will), the user should see no movement in the graphics, end button, or text. The only movement allowed is the object itself.Explore how to add hyperlinks to your presentation by clicking the “F1” key on your keyboard and using the PowerPoint Help dialog box.Please use appropriate content, be creative, and most of all, have fun.

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