QuestionQuestion 1All of the following are using a subscription revenue model for e-books EXCEPT:Amazon.Scribd.Barnes and Noble.Oyster.20 points Save AnswerQuestion 2Your company has just implemented a new, more efficient set of business processes that other firms cannot yet obtain. This will enable your firm to adopt a strategy of:cost competition.scope.scale.focus.20 points Save AnswerQuestion 3A firm’s __________ describes how a firm will produce a superior return on invested capital.value propositionrevenue modelmarket strategycompetitive advantage20 points Save AnswerQuestion 4Which element of the business model addresses the question of why a customer should buy from the firm?Revenue modelCompetitive advantageMarket strategyValue proposition20 points Save AnswerQuestion 5The ability to retain user attention and engagement is an important attribute for which revenue model?Advertising revenue modelSubscription revenue modelTransaction fee revenue modelSales revenue model

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