Final ProjectThe final project includes both a 10 ? 12 page paper (not including title page or references section) and a PowerPoint presentation with 8 slides of content. ÿUtilizing independent research and course materials, compose a paper with two sections.ÿPaper, Section 1.The first section (5-6 pages) is to be a compare/contrast essay where you illustrate the similarities and differences in organizational components, actions, and attributes promoting a healthy culture and organizational components, actions, and attributes not promoting a healthy culture. What role does leadership have in transforming workplace culture to promote a healthy organization? Even though leadership has brought a heightened awareness of how to deal with mental health issues in the workplace and set the stage for a healthy organizational culture, disorders and problems will still occur.Paper, Section 2.For the second section of your paper (5-6 pages), reflect on and provide a synopsis for five of the following issues or disorders. Include ethical and legal considerations leaders may need to consider during the transformation of organizational culture.Job Stress and HealthWork/Family ConflictDepressionBipolar DisorderGeneralized Anxiety DisorderSocial Anxiety DisorderSpecific PhobiasPanic DisorderPTSDSchizophreniaAntisocial Personality DisorderBorderline Personality DisorderEating DisorderTraumatic Brain InjuryInsomniaSubstance AbuseSocial DysfunctionViolencePassive-aggressive BehaviorFor each issue/disorder you selected, indicate what behaviors call attention to the potential disorder or issue, as well as possible interventions and treatments for each disorder/issue. Explain how you personally will deal differently with these issues in the workplace than you would have before this class. Support your ideas with at least one scholarly source for each disorder or issue.PowerPoint presentation.Next, imagine that you are presenting the results of your paper to a class of college students who are learning about psychopathology in the workplace. Create an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including title slide or references slide) that highlights the key concepts of your paper. Incorporate at least 100 words of speaker notes for each content slide.Post your PowerPoint presentation in Doc Sharing (as well asÿin the Dropbox) so that your peers may view your work.ÿ*Please note: Your paper shouldÿonlyÿbe placed in the Dropbox, even though your PowerPoint presentation will be placed inÿbothÿthe Dropbox and in Doc Sharing.*Point Value: 30 Points

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