In this week?s reading assignment we learn about leaders and how they are changing police agencies to go from good to great. The human resource aspects of the law enforcement career is discussed in terms of the future. ÿWe then learned about the many different crimes or offenses that law enforcement officers are faced with on a daily basis.Given the complexity of modern day law enforcement, there are many who feel that the police field should be regulated and require licensing such as other professionals like nurses, teachers, lawyers, doctors, electricians, plumbers, accountants, etc. ÿMany of these professions require college degrees, years of experience and then sometimes tests before you are fully licensed. ÿHowever, a majority of the law enforcement jobs across the country only require a high school diploma.Hypothetically speaking, and if it did not affect current law enforcement officers, but changes could be made for new police hires, ÿwould you support regulation and licensing for law enforcement similar to other professions.If you would not support this change, please explain why not. ÿIf you would support this change, please explain what specific type of education or courses you would recommend.

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