Discussion 16- Endocrine├┐A tumor of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus might manifest itself by an excess of which hormone?Using the information in chapter 17, why would growth hormone be a useful way to increase milk production in dairy cows?A man and his wife have been trying to have a baby because their relatives are making life very unpleasant for them because of the childlessness of the couple. Can you explain one cause of the problem?A very slender young man is found wandering and disoriented on a street. His speech is slurred and he smells as if he has drunk too much of the local hard apple cider. Your friend, the organic chemist, says that apple cider smell is actually the smell of ketones. As the young man seems to have urinary incontinence, a police officer wants to just get him into the drunk tank as quickly as possible. What life-saving suggestion should you have?If you wished to control chronic high blood pressure in a person, which hormones should you block? Assume that this individual exhibits no signs of emotional stress.

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