NEED TO ANSWER ALL TWO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS…ÿQuestion 1Requirements:You must have at leastÿ8 detailed stepsÿin your algorithmFleury’s algorithm is a way to explain how to find an Euler circuit or Euler path. An algorithm, in general, is a method or procedure that one can use to determine a solution to a problem. But an algorithm can be used to solve real world problems, as well, such as to make a sandwich.Create your own algorithm (procedure) to make a sandwich and share it here. Then, explain why your procedure is the one you chose. In your response, compare your notes with a peer and explain how the other algorithm differed from your own.Question 2ÿDeveloping effective teams can be challenging. There are different personalities to deal with when working in teams, but the benefits can be extraordinary.Review the video called “Penelope at Work – A Lesson on Teamwork and Diversity” found on theÿWorking Togetherÿpage in this Module, then discuss the following:What do you think were the causes of the conflict between Penelope and Peter?What should happen to get them to work more cohesively as a team?What problems have you encountered in school or in your career when working in teams or a group setting?What was the cause of the conflict? How did the conflict get resolved?Remember to be specific!

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