Discussion 1″Cisco Switches”ÿÿPlease respond to the following:You connect two new Cisco switches together and expect them to use DTP and create a trunk. However, when you check statistics, you find that they are access ports and didn?t negotiate. Based on your learning this week, why do you think DTP didn?t work on these Cisco switches? As network administrator, how would you have addressed this scenario? What recommendations would you make to management?Discussion 2″Security Monitoring”ÿÿPlease respond to the following:Considering your place of employment or your home computing environment, discuss in detail the way in which in-depth (or layered) defense is employed to enhance security in your chosen environment.According to the textbook, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), which can be categorized as Host IDS (HIDS) and Network IDS (NIDS), is a means of providing real-time monitoring. Compare and contrast HIDS and NIDS, and provide at least one (1) example identifying when one (1) would be more appropriate to use over the other. Provide a rationale to support your chosen example.

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