Title the Assignment: Diversity Profile?Part 1: Who Am I?Little about me ( Preschool teacher, I’m Portuguese from Brazil, I’m mother)Using the social identities list in the article “Social Identity,” write down the social identities that apply to you. If you “own” additional social identities, which are not included in this article, make sure to include them in your list.Beginning with the phrase, “I am?” and based on the social identities you just wrote, compose a list of at least 10 words or phrases that complete the sentence and represent some or all your social identities.Remember that this list is for your benefit only and does not have to conform to anyone else?s perceptions about you.If possible, move beyond the obvious and dig deep, asking yourself sincerely:Who am I?Part 2: What Are My Goals for This Course?Write down three specific professional goals you have at this point for your study of diversity (e.g., what changes in yourself you expect or hope for and/or what professional benefits you expect).References:Web Video:ÿPlaying for Change: “War/No More Trouble” (approximate length: 5minutes)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgWFxFg7-GURamsey, P. G. (2004).ÿTeaching and learning in a diverse worldÿ(pp. 3?6). New York, NY: Teachers College Press.Article:ÿDeaux, K. (2001).ÿSocial identity. In J. Worell (Ed.),ÿEncyclopedia of women and genderÿ(Vols. 1?2, pp. 1?9). Maryland Heights, MO: Academic Press.

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