I’m an accounting major studentJob Analysis and Career PlanGo to the US Bureau of LaborÿStatistics:ÿhttp://www.bls.gov/ooh/ÿUsing the bar to the left, search for your ideal career. ÿYou will need to first identify the occupation type. ÿUse your readings and research from this week to help. ÿFor example, if you wanted to teach preschool you would click “Education.”Research your ideal career. ÿIdentify median pay, demand over the next decade, and identify the required education, skills, work conditions, and employment trends. Create your own Job Analysis and Career plan using research from this site. Be sure to note any areas where you think you need to improve/enhance to achieve your goals.Use the following example. (see below) You are free to make changes to this template based on your own career. ÿYour final Job Analysis and Career Plan should be no more than 2 pages. Pay particular attention to the “Personal Motivation” and “Labor Market Prospects” sections, make sure that you are using accurate information and summarize your research succinctly (see example).ÿSample Job Analysis and Career Plan

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