Resource:ÿPage 69 ofÿManaging Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ch. 4Competitive advantage according to Hisrich and Kearney (2014) requires organizations to engage in six processes tomaintain innovation. Organizations like Google?, Amazon, Apple?, Android, Facebook?, Siri?, Virgin Group?, Microsoft?, and eBay?have done this successfully. ÿÿSelectÿan organizationÿother thanÿthose listed above (Google?, Amazon, Apple?, Android, Facebook?, Siri?, Virgin Group?, Microsoft?,ÿand eBay?) to explore competitive advantage and the six processes to maintain innovation discussed in Hisrich and Kearney (2014).Writeÿa 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze how the selected organization is meeting the concepts of Competitive Advantages as outlined in Hisrich and Kearney (2014), on page 69. Be sure to include information about the following:ÿThe organizational leadership philosophy on innovation.Activities the organization is actively engaged in to sustain competitive advantage within its industry.R&D initiatives the organization is involved in for long-term competitive advantage.Formatÿyour paper consistent with APA guidelines. ÿA minimum of 3 research sources are required for this assignment.

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