Assignment 2: Perform an internet search for a VIDEO that provides an introduction to the Old Testament (or Hebrew Bible) or some aspect of Old Testament studies. An easy way to begin this assignment is to search ?Introduction to the Old Testament? or “Old Testament” on YouTube ( Find and watch a video that you would like to evaluate. The purpose of your evaluation is to provide a critical analysis of the information that the video presents about the Old Testament. ?Critical? does not necessarily mean negative. Your analysis should be a fair, even-handed evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the information. Using what you have learned in this course, view the video and evaluate its content related to its usability and reliability. Assignment Length: Minimum 2 double-spaced pages IMPORTANT: Include with your analysis the URL link (website address) for the video you are evaluating. You must choose a video that is an open resource, meaning that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. DO NOT choose a video that can only be accessed on a secure website.

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