3. You may write a CONTROLLED outline in the space provided below. The OUTLINE must conform to the format below EXACTLY.4. Here are the themes and definitions:?LIBERTY: The growth of the ideal of democracy and the pursuit of freedom.?EQUALITY: The diversity of the American people and their struggle for fairness.?POWER: The exceptional nature of American strengths and resources, and the responsibilities that come with these.├┐Here is the question:From the time of Reconstruction after the Civil War until the present, what progress have we made in the United States in terms of ALL three of our course themes?Liberty, Equality, and Power? YOU MUST write about ALL THREE THEMES.1. INTRODUCTIONTHESIS STATEMENT:2. MAIN BODY PARAGRAPHA.B.C.D.3. MAIN BODY PARAGRAPHA.B.C.D.4. MAIN BODY PARAGRAPHA.B.C.D.5. CONCLUSIONA.B.C.D.

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