Write a paper of a health care career of your choice.ÿÿIt must be aÿminimumÿof two full pages typed (half pages will not count as a page), double-spaced, 12 point font, one-inch margins.ÿ It must include the following information:a.ÿ Title of careerb.ÿ Definition of careerc.ÿ Education Requiredd.ÿ Isÿlicensure, certification or registry required?ÿ What are the requirements forÿlicensure, certification or registry?e.ÿ Salary informationf.ÿ Job Outlook for the futureg.ÿ Working conditionsh.ÿ Advantages and disadvantages of this careeri.ÿ Why did you chose to research this career?j.ÿ What educational path are you currently on and how are you going to achieve these goals?k.ÿ What are your short and long-term goals in theÿhealthcareÿfield?l .ÿ Works citedAPA Format- You must follow APA format throughout the body of the paper, including header (running head), title page, and works citedÿor up toÿ50 pointsÿcanÿbe deducted (20% ) from your grade.ÿIf you fail to cite your works in the body of your paper, no credit will be given.

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