History 1301 “amendments to the bill of rights in the united states constitution”Due Date: 05/10/17 10:10amGUIDLINES:must replace five amendments to the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. Must eliminate FIVE (5) of the current amendments in the Bill of Rights. Rules must be followed as to not fundamentally break the system of government├┐Every amendment (including the 5 that you chose to remove) must be accompanied by a JUSTIFICATION for your choice. Each of these justifications should be roughly 50 words (2-3 sentances). This will leave you with 10 justifications in all.├┐RULES:1. A Maximum of one (1) of your new amendments may be to erase a previous amendment and not replace it. Of course, you may choose not to erase any amendments.2. You may not add anything vulgar or demeaning to any other culture, lifestyle, or faith.

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