WEBSITE ANALYSIS: For this assignment, you are asked to find and report on at least four websites that relate to performance management/performance appraisal/career management. In your report, you must review each website in terms of the quality and usefulness of the information for the HR professional or manager. Your report should be 2-4 pages in length and written in APA style.Your report should consider:Have you identified and included the link to at least four unique websites?Have you provided a review of each website that notes its strengths and weaknesses in the information presented from the perspective of an HR professional?Is information from the textbooks and other sources integrated into your analysis appropriately? For all sources, you must provide complete citations.Is the paper professionally presented? Remember your audience. It is important to present your information as clearly and succinctly as possible. (Do not sacrifice thoroughness for mere brevity.) Please proofread carefully for grammar and spelling errors.

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