First Q-Three types of heros-different hero models1. Classical heroThe warrior who achieves mighty works with great valor, all beyond normal men with divine help2. Christian saint heroThe person who achieves mighty works with divine help, helping others at sacrifice of self3. Patriot heroThe warrior who achieves mighty works with great courage above and beyond the call of duty in war–or in peacetime service to country/society (here is where secular service can be heroic)When we use the word, we need not worry about “the real meaning of the word,” or “what the word means to me,” because we canÿsayÿwhich type we mean.Name a hero in one of these types and explain why that person was a hero of that type.Note–a contemporary hero means one who wears modern clothes or futuristic clothes (like Star Wars).Next Q-CelebritiesAre heroes the same as heroes? Can a hero be a celebrity, and vice versa? Does one include the other?Third Q-Good tricks, good deceptions?A trickster is often the hero of a myth or other story–though a trick can be deceptive. When is something evil as opposed to a mere trick? (Please do not say it is because a mere trick does not have serious consequences–it can and often does.) Apart from consequences, how is a deceptive trick not always evil?[This might be connected to moral questions. For instance, it is the duty of military officers to deceive the enemy about their plans and movements–this is not immoral, is it? That sort of trick is expected and required. It is the same with plain clothes policemen, etc. And an athlete can “fake a pass” to deceive…]New Message

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