1. In case the business does not go as planned, we will lower the prices of the meals, and we will get rid of new employees. We will create and conduct a trial period where we don?t order that much from our suppliers, and we will keep everything a steady pace until we can get production back up to where we want it. If the business doesn?t work out during the trial period, we will declare bankruptcy, and close down the restaurant.2. To stay afloat, we shall cut back on expenses, and we will change the work hours. We won?t close late, we won?t offer alcohol, and we will get rid of things on the menu. We will also cut employees, and save as much money as we can.3. In order to repay the loan, all the money we receive at the end will go towards paying off the loan, and we will attempt to sell the business and get enough money to repay the loan. If we don?t have enough money by then, we will have money saved on the side, just in case, the business doesn?t produce enough money for us to repay the loan.4. If everything fails, we will close the business down, and attempt to find someone that will buy the business out. We hope to find someone that we both know that will invest in the location. If no one wants to buy the business, then we shall declare bankruptcy, and hand the business over to the bank. We will shift our focus over to paying off the loan we used to start up the business.

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