In this assignment, I want you to look at a primary document (attached) from the New Deal, specifically a “fireside chat” given by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt outlining the purpose of his New Deal, and analyze the nature of its content. In a page or so, I want you to address the following questions.1. What techniques does FDR use to appeal to average Americans?2. How does FDR attempt in this speech to specifically address the fears of the American people in the wake of the Great Depression? Discuss at least one policy he outlines in this regard.3. Finally, I want you to briefly assess how effective you think this speech was in helping calm the American public in this time of crisis.When you’re finished, put your paper in the course site dropbox labeled Assignment 5. It is due by the beginning of class on Wednesday March 8.├┐If you have any problems or questions, let me know.

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