*** THIS IS 2 SEPERATE DISCUSSIONS. EACH MUST BE AT LEAST 150 WORDS EACH. EACH DISCUSSION MUST BE SEPARATED INTO EITHER SEPARATE PAGES OR SEPARATE DOCUMENTS***Technologies that can be Applied to Disaster ManagementÿActions for ‘Technologies that can be Applied to Disaster Management’ÿPreviousÿNextÿHide DescriptionProvide one example of a software application that can help the management of a disaster.ÿ Discuss how this software can help with disaster management and provide examples.Module 4 Reflective DiscussionÿActions for ‘Module 4 Reflective Discussion’ÿPreviousÿNextÿHide DescriptionGiven the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two important concepts from this course that are applicable to your degree.ÿAlso include here any comments and suggestions about this course that you would like to highlight.

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