Like sets and lights, costume design not only helps to tell the story, but also gives us insight into the individual characters (without them ever having to speak).ÿ A character’s costume may indicate gender, position and status, occupation, occasion, and personality (modesty, flamboyance, independence, etc.) – the “essence” of that character.For this Journal…find an image or link of a play, film or television showselect one characterand discussÿwhat the costume design tells the viewer about that characterRemember, costumes involve more than actual attire (or lack there of).ÿ Costumes also involve hats, masks, makeup, wigs, and accessories.ÿ Review theÿPowerpointÿnotes on Costume Design to understand the objectives and goals for costume designers. ÿTo get a better sense of how costumes “create” a character, watch the clip fromÿGuardians of the Galaxy.Create your response, in the Assignment submission box below (not in the Comments field), as a journal or diary entry.ÿ This response will not be read by your fellow classmates.ÿ The journal should be 1-2 pages long, approximately 400-500 words minimum.ÿÿBe careful of spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation…proofread and edit your work as necessary.ÿ Please cite your sources if any are used, including any videos or links used.ÿ This assignment will be graded according to the Journal Rubric attached.

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