Isÿstandardization one of the reasons executing supply chain management can result in difficulties in providing customer support.ÿ It certainly impacts providing customized solutions to customers.ÿ What do you think? (100 words)What is supply chain management and what are some of the benefits and drawbacks? (100 words)Procurement and logisticsOverall the longer the distance the goods are being moved, the higher the risk associated with the transportation, tax, tariff, incident, and unexpected environmental issue.ÿ Does your organization procure goods globally and what are some of the risks your organization recognizes or needs to address in this process? (Aviation industry, 100words)What is the significance of order processing in logistics and supply management? (100 words)Distinguish between a single sourcing approach and a multiple sourcing approach.(100 words)What are some characteristics of efficient and responsive supply chains? (100 words)What are some advantages and disadvantages to technological advances designed to facilitate buyer?seller communications? (100 words)

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