SystemAÿgroupÿofÿinterrelatedÿproceduresÿusedÿforÿaÿbusinessÿfunction,ÿwithÿanÿidentifiableÿboundary,ÿworkingÿtogetherÿforÿsomeÿpurpose.1.ÿComponents2.ÿInterrelatedÿcomponents3.ÿBoundary4.ÿPurpose5.ÿEnvironment6.ÿInterfaces7.ÿConstraints8.ÿInput9.ÿOutputDescribe the military as a system in a three page APA style paper (excluding title and reference pages). Discuss each of these concerning this system.What is the input to this system?ÿWhat is the output?ÿWhat is the boundary of the system?ÿWhat are the components? And their interrelationships?ÿWhat are the constraints?ÿWhat is the purpose?ÿWhat are the interfaces?And what is the environment?ÿDraw a diagram of this system (you can use Word or PowerPoint to draw a diagram).In addition to the requirements above, your paper:Must be 900 word double-spaced (three pages) and use 12 point font.Must be formatted according to APA style.

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