One of the major causes of system performance issues is programs that run in the background and are started when the system starts. These programs are usually installed, so they are started from one of two entries in the system registry:ÿHKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/RunHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/RunÿAs a network administrator, you would like to gather information about these registry entries for all the computers in the network. You have selected Windows PowerShell to write a script for this task. Your plan will result in a document with a script for the tasks involved. Because there are security issues that prevent executing the scripts on remote computers, the script will be distributed to all users on the network as a download link on the company intranet. For purposes of this exercise, security issues can be ignored, so the script is not required to take security issues into account.Prepare a document to submit your work:ÿUse Word.Title PageÿCourse number and nameProject nameStudent nameDateÿProvide well-documented source code for a Windows PowerShell script that will perform the following tasks:ÿRead the registry entries from both of the locations named in the project description.Compare each entry to a list of acceptable entries. The acceptable entry list is from a text file named “Acceptable_Reg.txt” that will accompany the script when the script is downloaded.Produce a text file report that lists all unacceptable registry entries. Save the report using the computer name as the file name.Transmit the report file to the following intranet

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