Week 4 – News Story?Click Here?The impact of digital media on news coverage and delivery is undeniable. Many of us have our news delivered directly to us via our laptops or smartphones. The greatest draw of digital media is getting everything in one place with the ability to be selective about what you get and when you get it. Digital media is what makes convergence a reality.For this assignment, you will write a story for a digital media platform tailored to your local community. You will also create two social media feeds for Facebook and Twitter that brings attention to the story that is on the digital media platform. The length of the actual story for the platform must be at least 350 words for each story.Topic and Sources of Information:ÿThe issue that you choose to write about must be current and have some relevance for your local community, city, and/or state. You may derive the information for this story fromÿprint or broadcast media only. You will need to access several print publications and broadcast new programs– including radio and television– and take notes of the facts of the story.For this assignment you must:Adhere to theÿDigital News Publications TemplateÿAdhere to AP styleCreate an engaging headline for the story and for the social media postsWrite the story according to the Inverted PyramidSummarize facts and/or statistics that are relevant to the storyDevelop the story for the local audienceCompare two opposing opinions about the topicProvide proper attribution for all sources of information included (facts, statistics, images/video, and opinions).Incorporate visual elements to enhance the story and the social media postsA list of each of the sources must be included using theÿMedia News Source Template.Saving Your Work:ÿTo maintain the formatting of your work, you are strongly encouraged to save your assignment as a PDF file. ViewÿSaving a Word Document as a PDFÿfor steps on how to do this.Check it!ÿYour print news stories must be submitted through Grammarly and Turnitin prior to submission.Carefully review theÿGrading Rubricÿfor the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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