Part 1 Discussion Post: DASDÿWhich type of DASD would you prefer to use in your own business? Assume data protection and performance are both critical.Part 2 Respond to two peersPeer 1 Reese:Deciding on a direct access storage device would really depend on the application I am looking at.ÿ If it is for moving a small amount of information from on location to another I would utilize an optical disc.ÿ If I was utilizing the system as a laptop that will travel with the employee I would use a solid state drive now that the size and price has become more affordable.ÿ I would ensure that all critical data was backed up on a regular basis due to the lack of advanced warning of failure.ÿ If I was using the storage device as network attached storage or a critical server, I would want to use a RAID 5 due to utilizing this system in the past, however I would want to look into the performance of nested RAID systems, and would possible take that route.Peer 2 MeganIdeally I would use a RAID setup for my business.ÿi have passed the Security+ exam and the RAID setup is definitely something they recommend. What level RAID is going to depend on space and what you need. Level zero is not good since it doesn’t offer any backup. Level 2 is going to be costly in terms of money and time to maintainÿsince every disk has an exact duplicate. I believe our best bet is going to be RAID 5. There is error detection and correction. There is a fall back in the event of loss.

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