EACH QUESTION SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 1 REFERENCE-WITHIN 8 YEARS AND TOTAL OF 2 PAGESQUESTION 1:Styles of Patrol:Foot PatrolOne-Officer versus Two-officer carsAutomobile PatrolSupervising Patrol:Watchman StyleLegalistic StyleService StyleWhich combination of patrol and supervisor style is best? ÿ(hint: you will need to define what the ?goal of patrol? is, as the different styles tend to focus on different outcomes.) ÿTHE FUNCTIONS OF PATROL ARE: TO DETER CRIME, ENHANCE FEELINGS OF PUBLIC SAFETY, AND TO MAKE OFFICERS AVAILABLE FOR SERVICE.QUESTION 2:ÿIdentify or create a program under the broken-windows model, and answer the following questions: 1) what is the problem the program is trying to address? 2) What are the policing doing about it? 3) What is the community doing about it? ÿ 4) How might it be modified to work better?

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