I will need you to analyze 2 different privacy policies from 2 different companies (Ebay vs Amazon)ÿ1- ÿClearly states purpose of the paper: Find TWO company privacy policies and discuss the similarities and/or differences of each policy using the readings, class lectures and discussion2-ÿIdentifies the two privacy policies3-Outlines clear organization of paper in the introductory paragraph (write in the intro how the paper is gonna be about!!)4-Consistent in use of correct in-text citation formatting (all information is attributed to correct source(s) and author(s)) *AND a reference page (works cited) is included.5-Explains and connects course concept(s) and theory(ies) to help develop educated conclusions in the analysis of the privacy policies6-Develops educated conclusions about how consumers use privacy policies (and/or how organizations use privacy policies)7-Includes relevant facts and evidence to support conclusions, but avoids use of overly long quotes to replace critical thinking and analysis8-Helped the reader understand how and why consumers read or do not read privacy policies and what that may mean for attitudes and behaviors with organizationsthis is very important in each paragraoh you talkÿuse the method A + B = CA= the privacy policyÿB= course reading which I will attach and futher explainC= you educated conclucion in the paragraphÿEACH PARAGRAPH SHOULD INCLUDE A + B =CEX: based on A and b …..ÿIntroduction paragraph sets tone ?? Assignments in this class are NOT creative writing?? Be CLEAR and CONCISE?? Should be a MAP of your paper?? Try rewriting the assignment question as first sentence to be CERTAIN you cover it Privacy Policy Assignment (due next week) ?? Find TWO company privacy policies and analyze the policies using the tools (concepts, models and theories) from class ?? USE course readings, class lectures and discussion inÿ?? Note: Privacy Policies NOT Terms of Serviceÿ?? MUST FORMALLY cite ALL informatioLINKS for the course workÿVERY IMORTANT TO PUT IT IN THE PAPER:https://www.ted.com/talks/joseph_pine_on_what_consumers_wantrefer this video to the paper ( the real/real concept and the fake/real conceptsÿUSEÿthem in the paper)https://www.ted.com/talks/don_tapscott_four_principles_for_the_open_world_1

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