Title page with title, your name, the course, the instructor?s name; dateProject Name and Descriptionÿ Key Stakeholders and Related Business Requirements Expected Project Benefits Deliverables/Outputs ScopeÿHuman Resources Estimated Project Cost/Budget Constraints Timing Critical Success Factors Top-Level Risks Assumptions Step 3:ÿ Complete the Project CharterTask 1:ÿ Read Week 3 course readings and Week 3 Instructor NotesTask 2:ÿ Complete each section of the Project CharterStep 4:ÿ Review the Project CharterRead the project charter to ensure all required elements are present.ÿ Use the grading rubric to ensure that you gain the most points possible for this assignment.Proofread the paper for spelling and grammatical issues, and third person writing.ÿRead the paper aloud as a first measure;Use the spell and grammar check in Word as a secondÿmeasure;Have someone who has excellent English skills to proof the paper;Consider submitting the paper to the Effective Writing Center (EWC).ÿÿThe EWC will provide 4-6 areas that may need improvement.

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