“Answer question # 7 at the end of chapter eleven and question # 17 at the end of chapter thirteen, and the internet exercises on page 300 and page 350. All assignments are due by Sunday, midnight, MST.Discuss the place objectives and distribution arrangements that are appropriate for the following products (indicate any special assumptions you have to make to obtain an answer): a. A postal scale for products weighing up to 2 pounds. b. Children?s toys: (1) radio-controlled model airplanes costing $800 or more, (2) small rubber balls. c. Heavy- duty, rechargeable, battery ?powered nut tightness for factory production lines. d. Fiberglass fabric used in making roofing shingles. Discuss the future growth and nature of wholesaling if chains, scrambled merchandising and the internet continue to become more important. How will the wholesalers have to adjust their mixes? Will wholesalers be eliminated? If not what wholesaling functions will be most important? Are there any particular lines of trade where wholesalers may have increasing difficulty?

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