Your ?review essay? should integrate the Emen?s essay, a primary research article, and Ryan and Jetha?s book Sex at Dawn to answer the following essay questions: ÿWhat factors (e.g., ecological, economic, historical, legal, psychological, and/or sociological) explain the societal attitudes toward polygamy/polyandry and/or polyamory within modern Western societies? Are these attitudes changing over time? ÿIf they are changing, what social scientific factors are most salient to explaining why attitudes might be changing or if attitudes are not changing, explain why. ÿ In answering the essay prompt above, your essay might also explore the following questions: ÿHow does the debate over same-sex marriage influence, and/or mirror, the debates over polygamy, polyandry and polyamory and vice versa? ÿ Explain the various meanings of ÿ?monogamy?, ?non-monogamy?, ?polygamy? and ?polyamory.? ÿWhat does ?compulsory monogamy? mean and how is it relevant to explaining attitudes toward polygamy, polyandry and/or polyamory? ÿAre there particular social characteristics (e.g., class, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, educational level, age, religion, occupation, etc.) of people that correlate with and possibly explain their attitudes? ÿPlease remember, you are not looking for the ?right? answer here, but you are making a plausible case for yourself, an informed argument, an argument that reveals that you have read and understand the readings and the arguments within them.

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