One of the reasons you were recently hired as the manager of global supply chain was the continuing problems the firm faces with a number of its important suppliers of raw materials. Typical issues were late deliveries, wrong deliveries, and damaged or substandard goods, all leading to your firm?s production plans being severely hurt. This in turn hurt your firm?s customer service reputation. The chief executive officer (CEO) has heard about something called a supplier certification program and asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation to give to all of your suppliers.The following are high-level points that should be addressed in the presentation:Lean and Six Sigma systems, as you want to be assured that they are actively improving their own processesReceiving inspection program at their plantSupplier certificatory they do with their suppliersQuality programsQuality statistics they gatherInspection procedures and frequenciesCapacityProduction schedulingCalibration programThe assignment should be a PowerPoint presentation of 15?20 slides, including 100?125 words of speaker notes. This should be a professional presentation, limited in verbiage and balanced in graphics.

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