lease see Word attachment.ÿThere is an example that shows what is required in the few boxes. The Business Function that is chosen for Samsung is Service and its activity is After Sales Service.ÿPlease see the websites below that I came across that has information on the after sales service of Samsung.ÿThe assignment asked for a benchmark against a competitor or an industry average.ÿ See the HIGHLIGHTED BOX PLEASE which is to be filledÿI am not sure how to go about that for this particular activity of After Sales Service. I have included an Excel spreadsheet with their financial figures, but not sure how that would be used for the service activity or if it is information that could be found online about their competitors. thing needed :ÿÿLike the example shown for Human Resource Management, I need an explanation to go under the “After Sales Service” activity for Samsung, the Competitive Advantage (I believe it is value increasing activity like it asks for in #3 on the first page), and Explanation & Support (this part got cut off underneath the competitive advantage but you will see it above on the HR Management example. The last explanation and support I believe is to be compared against a competitor or to industry average as it says “benchmark.” That is why I included the excel sheet but I don’t know where “Service” as a primary activity of Samsung falls on their financial report.due in 12 hrs from now

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