1.ÿÿÿÿSuppose that you are a military planner advising the commander in a (just) war with Niatirb. You are also a Kantian or Thomist (your pick) who regards intentionally killing the innocent as always wrong. What guidance would you provide, and why, in the following situation: One of our vital objectives is to take out a nuclear reactor in the countryside of Niatirb. The reactor itself is a legitimate military target of significant strategic value, but the Niatirbian dictator has surrounded the plant with 100 involuntary “human shields.” The plant cannot be destroyed without killing them. Hint: You will want to consider the principles of discrimination, proportionality, and double effect. Also, if it is helpful, you may stipulate additional details, provided they are plausible and do not fundamentally change the situation (you may not, e.g., stipulate that you just invented a bomb that destroys only inorganic materials).

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