This week, you will select the business and answer questions 1 through 5 on page 25 of the text under Analyzing the Organization: Design Module #1.ÿ In short, you will be providing an overview of the business.ÿ Particular attention must be paid to the value creation process for the business and the standards by which organizational efficiency is measured.ÿThe paper should be approximately 3 to 4 pages long, double spaced. The use of APA formatted citations is required.1. What is the name of the organization? Give a short account of the history of the company. Describe the way it has grown and developed.2. What does the organization do? What goods and services does it produce/ provide? What kind of value does it create? If the company has an annual report, what does the report describe as the company?s organizational mission?3. Draw a model of the way the organization creates value. Briefly describe its in- puts, throughputs, outputs, and environment.4. Do an initial analysis of the organization?s major problems or issues. What challenges confront the organization today?for example, in its efforts to attract customers, to lower costs, to increase operating efficiency? How does its organiza- tional design relate to these problems?5. Read its annual report and determine which kinds of goals, standards, or targets the organization is using to evaluate performance. How well is the organization doing when judged by the criteria of control, innovation, and efficiency?ÿfor this assignment I have chosen the company apple

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