Read Case 7-1 on page 239 of your book. Summarize the case and answer the discussion questions in 5 pages. Don’t forget to use outside scholarly research to incorporate any up to date information that may help to validate your thoughts.ÿ7-1.ÿIn a recent interview, a brand manager at Procter & Gamble noted, ?Historically, we used to be focused on discovering the common hopes and dreams within a country, but now we?re seeing that the real commonalities are in generations across geographic borders.? What is the significance of this comment in terms of segmenting and targeting?7-2.ÿIdentify the five basic segmentation strategies. Give an example of a company that has used each one.7-3.ÿExplain the difference between segmenting and targeting.7-4.ÿWhat is positioning? Identify the different positioning strategies presented in the chapter and give examples of companies or products that illustrate each.7-5.ÿWhat is global consumer culture positioning (GCCP)? What other strategic positioning choices do global marketers have?

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