Scenario:ÿThe IT leadership team has determined that the school will roll out wireless network access (IEEE802.11) for students. ÿStudents will be allowed to connect to the wireless network from personally-owned mobile devices.ÿ However, troubleshooting services provided by the school’s IT department will be extremely limited.ÿ As a result, the school as asking that you develop a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) best practice guideline for students to assist them in managing their personal mobile devices.Createÿa user guide document, including specific directions and screen shots, which demonstrates how to configure the following mobile device settings.ÿ The user guide can be focused towards Android devices, Apple devices, or both.Set a passcodeAccess the campus wireless networkSet up emailUpdate the operating system and applicationsBack up personal dataLimit ad trackingConfigure remote wipeWith the user guide, include an acceptable use policy, which outlines acceptable and non-acceptable use of the school’s network. ÿThe policy should be at least 200 words in length.Formatÿyour document consistent with APA guidelines.Submitÿyour assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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