This course is titled ?Understanding Behavior and Family Dynamics.? In order to fully understand these ideas, we must have a thorough understanding of what family is so that we can provide family-centered support. Viewing the child as an integral part of the family helps one develop a more culturally sensitive approach. Everything we do must support the family as a whole in order to be able to advocate for the needs of the children we work with.(Supporting Partnerships for Success, n.d.).To prepare for this discussion, read Chapter 1 of your course text and watch the videoÿ2010?s American Family Defined:Then, address the following:Examine how the definition of family shared in the videoÿ2010?s American Family Definedÿis similar or different to the definition of family shared in your course text. Make sure to include specific examples to support your examination.Describe what providing family-centered support means to you. Use theÿGuiding Principles of Family Support Programsÿdocument to support your ideas.Summarize how understanding the definition of family will allow you to be family centered when advocating for children and their families. Support your summary with one additional scholarly source.

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