MEIJI and TAISHO historyWhat happened in the Meiji Era? ÿHow was society structured? ÿWho formulated the revolution or WHO overthrew the government?Who was the head of the government?What was the attitude toward China?Who were the Genro and was their role?ÿWas it defined in the constitution?Know the circumstances around Japan’s annexation of Korea in 1910What excuse did Japan use to take away Korea from China and then annex Korea in 1910? SHOWA historyWhy flaws in the constitution made it possible for the military to take over the government prior to WWIIWas the takeover of China by the Japanese government in the 1930s a carefully planned out scheme?Who wrote the present-day Japanese constitution?What is Article 9 of the Japanese constitution?ÿHow has it restricted the role of Japan in international disputes?JAPANESE SOCIETYÿWhat does the idea of relativism mean when referring to the idea of right and wrong in Japanese groups.ÿKnow the meaning and the difference between “attribute” and “frame” in Chie Nakane’s book, Japanese Society.ÿJAPANESE ECONOMYWhat was the economic bubble?When did the Japanese economy take a nose-dive? KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT CHOPSTICK ETIQUETTE and CUSTOMSWhat things may you not do with chopsticks?What is the custom concerning tipping in Japan?ÿÿPOPULAR CULTURE ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿKnow the following peopleHayao MiyazakiOsamu TezukaAkira KurosawaANNUAL EVENTS in JAPANESE CULTUREKnow when SHOGATSU and OBON are celebrated.ÿKnow what religions are associated with SHOGATSU and OBON

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